About Us

Well, about me, anyway :)

I was a successful boxing coach in Croydon, south London, England until illness forced me to cease coaching many years ago. With advances in medical treatment, I have made a partial recovery and am now able to take on some limited coaching tasks again.

I have over 50 years experience in multiple combat systems and had several different jobs in the night economy that allowed me to test and refine the methods I teach; many of my friends were in the same situation. My students sometimes followed that pattern.

Born in the early 1950s, I started out in boxing at my local south London amateur gym in the mid-sixties, then from 1968 onward trained for many years in various martial arts. By the end of the seventies I went back to boxing in order to get back to my preferred form of realistic fighting. At first my training method revolved around boxing / kickboxing / wrestling / self-defence with some elements of a previous interest of mine, bareknuckle boxing.

After training with Jan Plas at Mejiro Gym Amsterdam around 1980-82 it was obvious that Thai boxing was superior in every way to US-style kickboxing - at that time the Dutch were beating everyone in the world at over 150 pounds (the Thais won at the lighter weights) - so it replaced that in our gym. The Croydon Gym was the first in the world outside Holland to teach the Dutch Thai boxing system developed by Jan Plas, and eventually popular worldwide.

Jan's system was designed to win muay Thai bouts for larger fighters, which it did superbly well. It then became clear that for maximum street efficiency we would need to modify our modern boxing and revert to some of the principles of bareknuckle fighting, since a broken hand is not desirable in a street situation, and throws have far greater value on the pavement than in the ring.

As an up-and-coming boxing/kickboxing coach around 1978 I actively searched for ways to improve our contest results and street method. When looking for ways of punching harder and ending fights quicker, I found several key elements that we could leverage for better results - over time this developed into our own hard-hitting boxing system. We also needed good tactics and training for the very common mob battles that have always been a feature of Croydon street life; our people needed the best we could give them, and from this requirement came our mob fight training method, the Bundle, famous since about 1980 as a Croydon speciality and always popular in seminars and training sessions at other gyms.

My coaching method eventually gelled around a mix of bareknuckle, Thai and modern boxing that worked for street or ring fights. We fully used the wrestling and throws used in the old bareknuckle style, and added the similar moves used in Thai boxing. There are many similarities with Greco-Roman wrestling.

My specialities are:

  • Combining bareknuckle fighting, Thai boxing and modern boxing technique
  • Teaching the most powerful methods of punching within boxing
  • Developing training methods and fight strategies that work exceptionally well for street defence

My name
My name, Chris Price, is a fairly common one in southern England. Should you find any reference to me online: I am the ex-Croydon fight coach, web commerce engineer, long-distance sailor, and community rights activist in the public health area. I am not the same-name (and far more famous) TV arts programme presenter, the MP for Lewisham, the footballer, the MMA fighter, the poet, the drug dealer, the musician, or any other Chris Price in or around south London or anywhere else. Honestly.